How sweet i see of thee

Blueish-green eyes ye say to me

Beauty i see body that be

So many pictures that there be

Not one i see be true to thee

Sun light day light t’is best to see

Unable to penetrate thy eyes

What’s behind i not know

Only thy beauty can we see

I do admit i love thy eyes

Full  woman ye be, calls to me

I know not why, i feel this way

Thy poetry i read, fills me so

Words i read of Cherokee

Tree of life branch i hold

Close mine eyes with-in to see

Leaves of a plant energy flows

Heart to heart fills me so

Embrace of thee my spirit longs

Be as one souls entwine

Goddess and god anew is born

O sweet lady many adore

Ona Gwe Waki

Thy blue Rose beauty of thee


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