Fluffys Meal

Out to play a sunny day

Flowers, grass look good today

Pom, Loki want to go in to the house

I’ll stay and play a little while

Well better go, being called, breakfast time

Yummy, I smell fish this morning

I’m so small I can’t get to the dish

Dad and Loki wont let me near

I’ll have to wait.a biscuit for now

oh good more  food on the plate

Well I’ve eaten my fill, now to play

Good a puppy training pad, no one about

I’m on my own i’ll rip it to pieces

The floors just been vacuumed and moped

I’ll scatter the pieces around the floor

Come on Mum, you can help me

Mummy’s chewing a biscuit, I’m calling her

for a little, but she wont let me have a piece

A little closer, I’m nearly there, Mum growls

Telling me to keep away, but I just take a piece

oh well i’ll have a sleep now next to my dad

I’ve been waken, someone picked me up

Stroking and tickling my tummy.



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