Four Seasons True Life

My pagan path be four spring seasons next month. Back then I felt I needed something else in my life.

Talking to a friend on myspace I told her I was having trouble at work from someone. she told me she was a crystal healer and told me to buy some crystals and tumble stones. Carnelian and Labradorite 

bracelets and tumble stones. Well it took a few weeks before knew they were bonding with me. I’ll tell you what happened one early morning, it was about 1.50a.m i awoke and went down in to the kitchen and made a pot of tea. I went and opened a window and stud there for a few minutes then went and sat down and put my carnielian bracelet on, stud up walked one pace and ” Wham ” my head drained of all emotion and feeling, I felt it go to the bottom of my neck – where it went from there I don’t know. It could I believe went in to my bracelet, but I’m not sure. I felt so emty so clean felt nothing in my head. It’s like holding a bucket upside down with jelly in and it just fell out. That was in 2009.

I went to Stonehenge in 2010 and what a wonderful spiritual day that was, in the morning I’d gone on my own shopping in a town a hour away from Stonehenge  strangers stopping – i forget now what they said-talking to me. And at Stonehenge I talked to people i did not know- not like me. Just as i was leaving a young girl was taking a photo for a couple so I stud back for her to take the picture. Well some how this young lady and I bumped into each other, I put my arms out as one would. On reflection  i believe the people that built Stonehenge made it as a gathering place and spent many a day and night celabrating dancing, lots of food, couples meeting, whole familys from far and wide.

The same year 2010 a hot summers day i was in my garden having lunch when i saw a cloud in the sky, it looked just like a figure of a witch ( a cloth toy ) in the back of my car, well the next day same again eating then a larger cloud this time – then it hit me she was telling me that she was to hot so I moved her in to the shade, well that’s what i believe. 

I found a branch and made a wand from it, one night in the full moon I asked her to bless ( for a word ) this i held and blow me the feeling that came in to me – like falling in love for the first time.

I’ll end now with some thing out of this world, a ufo for a good hour it was near my house. It was just before eleven o’clock at night so I only saw the lights on it and it being darker than the night sky with it’s lights coming on. One then their was a total of eight. Now i believe in ufo’s.

Well my dear  I hope you don’t mind me telling you of some of the things that have happened to me over the last few year’s.

I live in the country side on the edge of a village, theirs hedges, green fields, tree’s and hill’s nearly all around. I hold tree branch’s and close my eye’s, I also talk to them, I hold my hand over plants to feel their energy. Where do you live – on a farm, outside of town I’d love  to know. How many children do you have. I’d like to know more about you. Must go now and as you say Ona-Gwe-Waki–Until next we meet. I hope that’s right.


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