No make-up Required

No make-up required a shining star

Beauty is of many things

We see with our eyes

Touch with our hands

Most of all beauty with-in

I’ve had my failure, to fail is to lose

We have each other how can that be failure

No not we. our lives we live together as one

From the highest mountain to the edge of a lake

I’d shout to the silver moon, stars

“ Yes “ i can only shed tears in my heart

Grief and despair weary and bruised

I’d carry you away from hurt and pain

To be together for ever and a day

I’d give my all my life for you

To have my heart caressed by you would

only mean that we are truly in love

I’d stand in the fire with my true love

It’s only dreams and hopes that falls away

A new start we can rebuild our lives

With the true love of my life.



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