Full Moon

Full moon she goddess this night

Right this night, high thats right

Stars so bright this clear night

A frost white, we do see

Air breath so cold to thee

Nine-thirty I leave my journey be

Twenty three miles I have a smile

Evanescence seem’s just right

End of journey she be above I see

Light a candle goddess she

Invocation I say to her

Thrice and one I see she sees

Crossing over mother earth

A drink to her, Blessed Be

Until this night, not on my right.

Seven this morn, I leave

My journey home be

In front of me my goddess see

She be waiting it seems for me

Yes that would be in a dream to thee

Her colour so warm inviting calling thee

A light golden yellow, a tint of orange

So near so clear this Friday morn

And now my journey begins

I follow her she guides my way

Nearer she be before she we part

I feel within tis good time to be

For invocation divination or magic see

So,so clear bright sharp radiant she

Is she telling me guiding me

Something is telling me

Tis best be naked like ye Olde Oake tree

I know not why tis all within

It seems an hour or two should do

Before ye laugh your socks off so

I’d freeze my toes, my fingers so

Tis minus what ever white as snow

But then again would she not protect me so

The time is right this very night

The place be wrong that I know

An open space or woodland so

Large stone circle is telling me best

On mother earth nature all around

Feel the sound

No fire no candle no distraction so

Stand, kneel or lay thy self down

Welcome her within this night

Just thy self mother earth nature

Moon Goddess stars above

Meditate what ever so

No need for forty days and nights

An hour or two would cleanse thy through


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