Intelligent Machine

We talk on the net

But is it not the web

Just look at a spider

A center point, radar

Road leading to Rome

Many times breakdown

Don’t call the A.A. , R.A.C.

Now a P.C. Laptop see

Doctor no Ph.d

A hub, not on a car

Go’s round and round

A server, but not Victorian

waiter black and white

Our friendly mouse never

bites or eats wheat

Refresh our screen

Refreshers 50p a pack

Like a bus, train, aero plane,

we have to wait, don’t know why

There’s a tablet not for mouth

A laptop yes, for our knee’s

An ipad, don’t kneel on me

Your iphone go’s to our ear

which one not for me

Made by Apple do not eat

I see a pear gone, gone

Most take pictures

We upload, download scream

Picture go’s up on our screen

We say, go down to go up, confusing

Squint at Google, should be Goggle

“ I “ stands for intelligent

Quickness of understanding

Please, please show me how

to use this thing.



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