Turn into Village

No carriageway for me

Museum of Childhood

Under carrigeway

Cut Village in half

Open Prison

Wickedly he be

One went to Bradford

Holiday may be

Is it Motel or is it me

Behind the gate he be

I judge not inmates

System be

Hunting dogs so many

Playfully exercise i see

Now on the race track

Many S bend here be

Field hedges,fence

Damaged with speed

50 is the limit

Would you believe

Drivers impatient

At my rear i see

Now it’s 40, overtake me

Signs say wild life

Flowers on road side

Not natural here be

Journey on for a mile or so

Long Chimney farm

Local Airfield no jets here

Next Tis the real race track

Where most should be

Top of the hill i descend

Moorland to left,Dales straight ahead

More fields and hills to my right

Now for the final part

Swine farm to my left

Golf club on my right

Few more minutes

Journeys End.

Journey Home Part 2


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