New World

A nation founded on 4 G’s

Greed, Gun, Gold, God

500 tribes, A nation no more

Land lost, taken by force

Yes taken, stolen, Shame, shame

I say to all, who’s the savage

A civil war not for all

White and brown must be free

Red, oh the Red, Drive into the sea

Treaties, how do we read, fork tongue see

White mans hair cut, cloths too

Language lost people slaves

Food, how poor there ‘s be

Names of nature mother earth

Children taken schools christian ways

Your name my child be christian now

No more the moccasin white man shoes

White mans name god is great

Burn teepee, burn his crops

Kill his live stock Kill,kill,kill

Tell me how did you come here

Great father from the east

Promise of money,lands,food

Forced driven from there homes

A savage not of our god

Our god so great, Yes Gun in hand

Exterminate,Simulate, Annihilate

White mans god is so great

Rules by the sword,now the gun

Believe,believe or be gone

Who are you to ask of this

I be a white man Ashamed of our race

Go Hee Dah……….( A Long Time Ago ).


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