Earth Lights

Twas two winters back that my eyes do see, O my goddess my sight do decieve me.

Tis cold white are the trees, bushes, below thy feet is white as snow. All around into the fields this sheet do lay. Crackle below thy soles do make. Just myself and my four legged friend, standing looking this wonderful view. Then from my left, it seemed from thee hedge, Ho my goddess this bright, bright light up to the sky it do go. As bright as Tinkerbell, for a word. No not the shape not round like a ball. seemed pear shape as it went up-wards…………….One week later so very early this morn, cold frosty just like before, It’s about 3.30a.m. …..Just left home a few paces on my four legged friend by my side. I’m looking ahead then O my goddess there in a field one,two,three,four is there more behind the tree’s falling like stars that i see into yonder field so close by..What are these lights like Tinkerbell..I turn into a Lane then near my first light of last week, now I see one,two three,four is there more, I’m in shock as I see them falling, no not falling but like shooting down. These bright orange / yellow lights do I see..These I see today do fall but last week that one, it went up into the air-sky……….Then last year a rainbow i see was not the normal one, one sees. This was covering the fields and hills in front of my sight from my window I stand. Just like a layered cake, this rainbow on it’s side, could my bright lights be connected some how……..So Tinkerbell is all around – one just has to see in front of thee……


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