Evil Spirit

I write as I remember when I awoke from this Dream. 17th September 2010 It will be a little mixed up.Here go’s…………

There’s children I’m sure

I remember taking the chain off one of the children

Theirs an evil spirit in the dog chain

I pick up the chain

I’m holding it in both hands

The chain starts to burn my hands

I shout at it you can’t hurt me

You can’t hurt me

I’m heading to go outside with the chain

and it’s pleading for me not to take it

I go throught a conservatory it’s still

pleading not to go outside

I open the door and throw the dog chain out

I see it crawling like a worm

trying to come back inside

The front of the chain go’s into a puddle of water

I pick up a basket of washing

The chains still pleading don’t do it

I put the basket of washing on the chain

I’m shouting be gone with ye,

Be gone with ye

I wake up with a heavey head

And my ears need popping

My throat very horse, shouting maybe ?


Evil spirit the dog chain

I pick up chain

Chain starts to burn my hand

I shout at the chain

You can’t hurt me

As i’m taking the chain to go outside

It shouts pleading at me not to

I put the chain on the floor outside

The chain starts to stroll towards

the back door theres a small poodle

of water, the end of the chain

is going over it, I put a basket

of washing over it, I put a basket of washing on the chain I’m shouting

Be gone with ye be gone with ye

The chain shouting at me pleading not to do it

I do it put the basket on , it stops.

I’ve grounded the chain. I go inside, I awake my eyes full I have a dry throat it was affecting my children.

Lived don’t know,Where don’t know’ Time don’t know, House don’t know.

I slept with my tigers eye braclet on. I soon took it off.

Wow this year 2012 I had another terrible dream, this time something came into my head through my right eye, it woke me up and I do admit I was a little frightened, that ached for well over three or four days.I put my Carnelian stones in my bed for protection…..So I’m not going to wear my Tigers eye as I sleep..Thank you.

I’m glad I saved my dream from 2010, I’d forgotten about it and the connection with the Tigers eye…There you go they do affect the human mind..


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