No More We Are

Alas no more I hear your sound

Carrying through the sky

Rains from the heavens

Calls of nature deep within

A cry a call the special word

We want, we need, to be loved

My Goddess her hand how it works

Like oars in a river gliding so

Water rushers sounds of wonder

My sweet you call pounding hearts

Words sounds seeing you so

Yes my eyes closed thoughts of you

Side by side hand in hand holding each

Early morn early night together same

My voice to you calls of love

I hear your triumph makes me pleased

Longing for a touch so deep

Eyes that see your beauty unfold

Thy face more than beauty to me

Those eyes that penetrate to my soul

Sweet your smile it’s love for me my love

Your arms, legs wrap my being

Your voice melts my heart within

And all of these for soft sweet kissing.

And so my dear———————-

I’m here for you.. You know….


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