Theres no Rules on this planet

This earth so pure

Only season’s to govern

No man made Rules

All life about us

Are they not free

The streams and rivers flow so free

Sun rise sun set sunshine so fine

Moon light she guide’s us so

We walk a path is it not so

We fall we stumble along the way

Are we not hear to give understanding

We are all “right” in our own way of life

I may be wrong to you may be

To me we are learning

Each day that be

We agree – disagree

But are we not friends

Friends stay together for ever and a day

Wiccan be new age to me i thinks

Pagan i be a little druid inside me be

But in the end our paths still meet

You may disagee with me

Thats fine with me

You are free to say – is that not true

Posted 19/05/14 (10:53)


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