Shadows Of My Past

Tinker call’s now and then

Sharpens knifes do he

Wooden frame pushed along

Sandstone wheel pedel power that be.

Saturday sometimes be

Gas works go

Silvercross pram no babe in here

Fuel for stove fire it be.

Sunday Salvation Army

Grannys home later go

He be Shimney swipe i know

Three story high mansion to me

Sweet jar in cupbard pennys to.

War coupans co-operative store

Overhead line cash it takes

No till here

Fresh eggs put under light

Check for what i’m not sure.

Elms at Easter

Businessman be

From the wood yard in the lane

Silver sixpence only one we have.

First TV

Rawhide Clint Eastwood

Highway Patrol Broderick Crowford

Broom upside down for broken leg

No electic, gas lights instead

Whip and top, hoops,Dobbers to (sling)

Pea shooters, Pen knifes a must for boys

Policeman on foot be scared of he

Large belts for punishment be

Baking cakes, bread as well

“Well” bottom of street, i see

Washhouse outside, only Mondays be

Copper boiler fire below

Dolly tub, mangle, adjust the ringer, Turn,turn

Corner shops, no supermarkets, no sliced bread then

Lead soldiers, tin toys, wooden fort for all

“Penny” toys so much more

Play in the street, parks Safe all safe

Leave doors unlocked could we

Loo down the garden

Contraption it be

Belfast sink, cold tap had we

Black range oven fire both

Iron – iron on oven with cloth in hand

Tin bath once a week we share

Brick in oven, wrap in paper hot water bottle be

Four in a bed Two top Two bottom

Who wet the bed boys – boys four that be

Playing bank of river i do fall

Under i go i do not swim

Fast flowing carried away

Arms outstreched

Branch or grass i do grab

It breaks away i try again

Pull, pull to safty so

Wet, wet home i go

Trouble no, no one at home

Boys be boys………….and so it should be so.


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