They say this story is to long

But is not life so short

Our journey to work, shops

taking our pets for a short walk

We take a short break, holiday

Given short change

Some vehicles are long or

short wheel base

We even wear our shorts

thats not the same

A short piece of wood, stick

Are you short or tall, no just me

We cut paper, string, hair short

Don’t do a short cut down that street

or under that fence, down that alley

We even have short cuts P.C..

I don’t pretend to know it all

I’m not a writer just a bore

Socks,shirt, skirt, bra, pants, to short

Then over time, to many a wash,

are they not to short

Theirs to many shorts that I write, but

i’m not making my life any shorter

Dog lead, Pencil, Rule, Lunch

break far to short

A pint of beer, a glass of wine,

even petrol could be short

No not to Oxford to see whats short

A short wire, hose pipe, air line,

even an extention lead

O.K thats enough, I’ll make this short

Short cake,blast, spray, nails, time, space

So, so few to view so short this be.



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