Fluffy comes home

We have a lovely puppy

Whose name we have called Fluffy

He’s not allowed any toffee

In case it upsets his tummy


Oh he looks so, so fuzzy

Laying on your lap all comfy

His colour is cream-sable

Not like custard on a table

Or even vanilla ice cream


Looks so quaint, so quite here

Fur like a bear, yes Teddy hair

Went to a new home, only six days

New name for him was Casper


They say he made their cat poorly

But surely he’s only learning

Being so young, small and all

He needs love, understanding

His new owners not caring

To keep him, new home must go


He must come back to his mummy

Just wait, want be late, coming

Back home with his mummy is Fluffy

Our little fuzzy, wozzy,  puppy.


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