Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahua

Our little puppy, he’s a Chi wah’wah

He’s not Chinese from China

Yes, he’s very fragile

So Chichi, frilly, fussy fuzzy

Our little puppy called Fluffy


He should be called Bolt

As he rushes through the door

He’s not from Cheshire

or Manx either

He’ll eat Cheddar cheese even strings

Likes Buxton spring water

Enjoys Norfolk Turkey

not mustard or stuffing

Not keen on Colonel Custards

Southern Fried chicken

Loves Mc Burger, Mc Nuggets

Mc Finger, Double sausage egg

Mc Muffin, oh no thats mine

Birds eye, take of the batter

even their burger he likes

Youngs, which is covered in beer

Finally clever Mr Fox entered their house

poor Porky pig so many ways to cook

However our puppy Fluffy,

don’t give a dam, it tastes so good

as it go’s into his tum.



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