Don’t Hide

Don’t try and hide
I know your there
Each year you come
Like a storm. thunder
Fighting to be supreme

Like a serpent entwine
You will not win
For I have eyes to see
I’ll look in the bushes
flower bed to, even lawn

Tall you grow far to high
Trying to hide evergreen
When it rains your a pain
With only my hands I’ll
take you by the stem

Pull so hard never again
All’s not lost, for you
will be, made into compost
So next time we meet
A good friend not weed.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Hide

    • Wow that poem is beautiful, I’d like to write with such feeling. just lovely Iris. Would it be ok to send you a poem or are you following.
      I’m new on here so not sure how to use the site yet. I see you have written books. I’m not very good at writing but I do my best as it flows from the pen. I’m not sure what your message meant. What’s a baobab ?. I’m sure your busy so that’s for your comment. Thank you. John

      • Try to find The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery to read about the prince and the baobabs. Or just Google the word baobab.

        I rarely follow blogs and can’t really keep up on the blogs I do follow, but I read posts with the tag/category “poetry” everyday so if you keep tagging your posts under “poetry” I will eventually find them.

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