Ema and Fin

Would you believe it
Ema & Fin together
Never seen her on top before
It’s not what I look for
Don’t normally have on a DVD
Even see on the big screen

Ema oh on top of Fin
Should never happen,
The dirty pair
I’d never want to see this
No cover, so bare, see all

I know they say
straight of the press
They should be covered
never the less
I would not give a dime
or even a penny to have
these two in my pad

How could they look so
innocent not caring
So famous the pair of them
World Wide they are known
Ema so prim petite pretty to
Fin O.K. he’s known for,
what-for ?

She’ Ema in all her glory
Legs apart head reaching down
Poor old Fin, wriggling, rolling
Oh she’s taken him all in
Ema swallows, swallows poor Fin
Now together what could be better

So Ema our Crane flys away
Fin, well he’s an organ – fish


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