I Pulled I Pulled

I pulled I Pulled

I pulled a muscle in my back

Don’t know how been so long

I hoped it would not come back

One’s bending, gardening just

normal everyday things

Punishment not thinking pain

I’m straight as a pencil normally


Disc’s not great worn the norm

Usually I can touch my toes

No problem for me hand toe

Lay straight no good that

Just take your time no banging

or exercise, life of ease please

Take your time getting up

Slowly does it, there dun hun


Do you need a walking stick

A few more years, just fine

It knocks you on your back

Damn, it kills to have a pea

Well don’t bloody look down

Don’t make me laugh, no i’m

not joking. Please no poking

I’m sure a young lady funny

words she.- Ning, Ning.



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