One Butt

Would you believe it

EU make our rules

It only takes one butt

on his arse all day

to think of ways to

Fuck up our lives.


Now we have this shit

Protected Geographical

Indication…. Wow…

Now these should come

from their country of origin

Chihuahua, German Shepard

Afghan Hood American Bull dog

To name so few.


So we can’t call the following

if their not from that place – name

French fries – frog eyes

Earls dog food – now by Royalty

Superdrug – I’m not going high


Food we eat name so known

Chicken nugget – now gold

Mars bar Wow how far

Fox’s biscuit now from a den

Cherry tomatoes form a tree

Brussels sprouts only from

Brussels, never been never will

Cornish Pasties no peas

Snickers don’t try to eat


Mathews Drummers – Band

Bird Eye – French like, not I

Southern Fried only from south

Yorkshire pud from Yorkshire

Lancasher hot pot – Lancasher

Bakewell Tart – be clean

Apple pie got to see Adam, Eve

Honey from bee’s, Bee’s knees.




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