Sun Tan Girl

Thy open thee door enter within

Tis wonderful a sight that greet

So pleases thy eyes moment please

Now I steppe closer near my dear

Heart decided should i go sweet

Feel the warm gentle breeze


Sun tanned flesh need to scream

Rain pours eyes blinded wipe

Listen to the call of wild birds

Their calling to each this is mine

A flower in full bloom covered

in fine sweet tasting of thy self


I drink of thee so loverly thy be

Beauty unfold my petal flower

Eyes wide, opened see thee

Only in each difference be

Heart and mind lock and key

Door opens our paths meet


Eyes sparkle gem stones dew

You my love each every love

See just one. high above twinkle

Young at heart even wrinkle ones

Beauty holds uncontrollable force

Words we write power force Norse


Together for every vows one makes

Swans graceful white pure nature

Wedding dress deeds of our love

Broken heart, love shattered glass

Love story eyes stream how we feel

Poison ivy widow spider oh my love


First love never losing cry of pain

Eye to eye no words needed speck

Our universe is deep see abound

We cry, laugh, weep, sorrow, love.



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