A woman I loved

A woman I loved left her be
My God what a fool do such thing
Did I not see how she loved me
Now I say come back my love
I lost you once never more
Only if you wish friends again
Yes never here this place pain
But in my soul never truly gone
Too late now, it be too much
water under the bridge
Yes it be me who left this
woman, sincerely loved

Therefore, life must go on we
wonder often how you be
Not a word, a call. Died
Nothing compares to you
your smile, poetry, love.
My place I know upon this land
theirs many types of love we speak
we may use it freely in words to you
I feel a bond, it may be spiritual
I hope it. For it is free to do as it
pleases, it can travel places we know
not of.
You speak so wisely and of understanding
so, like a goddess who listens openly
my talk of love to you my sweet, is to show
you that there is always someone who cares.

If not in body, only in words
I know you need someone to hug, embrace
hold hands; be in your life, even to love.
A thousand voices cannot do that for you

What you have is special to you, yours
You are loved by others in your life
One day soon it will be fulfilled, so true
Your Goddess is helping you, believe

No more, I speck of love to you
Love I say as a friend, helpless that I be
this I write may not be right
for you I say believe one day.


No Make-Up Required







No makeup required you are a shining star to thee,

Beauty is of many things.

We see with our eyes,

touch with hands Most of all beauty within.


I have had my failures,

to fail is to lose we have each other;

how can that be failure – no not we.



Our lives we live together as one.

From the highest mountain or the edge of a lake.

I would ‘shout to the silvery moon “Yes|”

I can only shed tears in my heart for you.

Grief and despair, weary and bruised.

I’d carry you away from this hurt and pain.

To be together, forever, what may.

I would give my all,

my life for you to have my heart caressed by thee.

Would only mean that we are truly in love.

I’d stand in a fire, with love, that would be you.

It’s only dreams and hopes that falls away a new start.

We can rebuild our lives with true love of my life

Where never alone, our spirit dwells within,

but to live without you, would break my heart in two.

The company you keep,

sometimes an empty feeling be.

But never, never, when two hearts meet.




Two lovers


I pace the golden sands of time not knowing whence she came

How could I not invite her so, have I lost this beauty never had.

Aroma fills my nostrils senses to, blinding thy mind confusing utterly fool.

Follow thy tracks upon this ground. A grueling task, sun heat pounding down.

Will I ever find this woman that my heart desires.


How long this journey, how long this land, now a quest my heart must find.


To the bowels of the earth if it so be. My Aromatic beauty I be holding to thee

awakening my heart locked deep within.

Sensation roused sight, hearing, smell, my taste for thee warrior woman my

appetite must be for filled.


Head raised smell the cooling breeze, guiding gladly .would I go to Hades

to find my queen.


Onward on these burning sands, looking senses playing, yonder dune a

place to rest.

Always their her voluptuous form, her horse so near so close trapped in my mind.


Sun sets sea line calm rolling gently heart jumps eyes widen could that be my woman

I need, over their smoke raising tomorrow for me.

To my spot lay blanket, now rest must refresh strength needed .



Over, over minds eye horse rider passes by.

I call to her no, no do not pass me by sweet beautiful warrior woman my eyes.

Head fills senses overwhelmed with her sweet aroma, some how she heard my cry

my need. Turns her steed slowly upon this golden paradise, swiftly coming seems

floating in the air.


I see her eyes gaze to mine, don’t know why feel on my knees to the ground, arms raised

calling silently to my queen, my goddess, my lover to be.

She raises her Sarissa’a throws it my way it passes my shoulder into the ground it’s mark.

Warrior woman dismounts her mount. Standing in full amour gleaming shining breastplate

she unhooks falls to the ground, then her skirt tunic too. In all her glory standing legs wide

apart. My trembling knees upon the sand backward I fall she has her new mount her steed.



Those luptuous jeweled, so firm, Vulcan god of fire he calls, over powered by scented

fragrant perfume my aromatic warrior. My eyes fixed to her bare valley so wide open

ready it seems. A cloud hovers over the mountain more it rises surely must poor. Slowly

she lowers feels with her lips, takes sliding past full head, their it stays trapped my width

embracing it’s great extent. Slowly glides then rises, it’s heat, veins umbrella unfolds.


My hands take her slender waist, her leg muscles firm strong flexing endlessly with ease to conquer me. Thrusting deep her well i glide smoothly warmly in rhythm we sing.


Now I rise to her breasts, firm like pears, nipples erect taking hold with lips I suck, kiss

lick now my hands hold each breast eating my fill giving my all from one to the other my

tongue taking her aroma each sweet suck. Somehow she stands with my shaft inside, Now my hands hold her waist tightly, then her legs my thighs, further it seems i penetrate her valley.


She travels to the end then glides to the tip then with a twist of her lips she seems to squeeze

my shaft, faster and faster thrusting pushing turning, heat of two wetness pours. She kisses my neck kiss like bite. Now she holds my shaft tightly within, I thrust hard, deep feeling her walls gliding smoothly on my shaft. This is lust for sex both enjoy this endless fuck.



She knows my need faster, faster she slides on my shaft to extract my cream, my come, my all.


Calls her goddess for pleasure satisfaction.




My time my need has come, i feel the start of pleasurable throbbing. We fall to the ground I pull her legs to my hips, their I can fully fuck her with a seemingly endless stream of cream pumping throbbing into an endless valley that her muscles drew, pull back for more.This throbbing burning sperming shooting prick all hers.


My woman calls out to her goddess takes my waist lifts holding tightly calling with passion her orgasm like a geyser a sudden eruption of her warm loving spring, that showers thy love machine..

We fall to the ground in a heap so fucked so fucked with heat.


Fading in my eyes she be, Gone, eyes open. I’m wet with sweat t’is only been a dream.





© 2014 John Preston

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Can we write as one?

Could our words be as one?

Would our pens be like one?

Writing written untold love

World’s apart pen not far

Just one line you can start


I am sure it would be such good fun

A laugh a tickle a poke at each

Maybe not, it is not a joke

Just let our minds wonder float

Now I am stuck, a word after joke

An egg has a yoke, what on a horse.


Oh, yes, theirs the old oak tree

Not the same but hay diddle wiggle

Tall magnificent, useful in many ways

Kitchens, living rooms wash rooms too

The little acorn, egg in a cup duck

Used for feed a natural food, squirrel pleased 


Stand by the oak hold a branch leafs cupped

Close thy eyes, mind blank hear see within

Why not give the trunk a hug close ye eyes

mind clear wait, see.

Back to the roots of mankind

Calm peaceful inviting natural bond

One with a pen one with nature


Did you travel back in time?

Feet firmly on the ground

Eye’s open back our time

World’s apart earth we are

No fairies, goblins spirits elves


Just you, your world, mind’s eye


Go home, have a cupper a glass or two

Ponder over what is, what’s real

Write or paint o.k. sing a song

if not out loud, sing in your head.


Nevertheless, best of all take your partner

As nature gave look in their eyes outside

Green all round sun warmth what one see’s

 in their eyes, smile

No need for words arms embrace

Body heat nature calls passion flows

Rolling in our earthly folds

Is that not sweet satisfying bees

Nectar flows like milk and honey


And so as one our pen has drawn

Written a new line full score more

A hit or miss only one knows

It’s in the words unspoken she


Strangers we, how can that be

Each day your face in front of me

So wondrous a smile cheeks so sweet

Yes’ I am sure we could eat

Pearls so white a dish before our eyes

Wait, look see, Alice in fairyland

As for lets write

I’m far to humble with my pen

No, not near as brill as thee.


Oh beautiful lady from blah-blah land

I wish to ask a boon of thee

You live in a land that dreams we make

Not a writer of words like one self

Never written a story or verse before

However a story in making first time

Would you mind if I send some lines


I can only say each morn you wake

Good heart mind words start

Sun’s rays brings out the charm

Your fetchers so sumptuous real

All one needs feel squeeze eat

Therefore, another beautiful day breaks

Is that not how to greet thy day-mate












Paradise 3

I see you through glitter, haze and maze


Early morn nature calls life unfolds

Hear their calling feathered songs

Awaking steering slumber some

Before sun’s rays from canopy high

Slowly awakening rise snug tight

So inviting warm caresses attract

Like words pen invites

Lovely a form female bites

So appealing unwrap sweet.


Taste of all that nature holds

Tongue senses, mouth waters erect Hark, near so far hear

Morning dangers just beware

Silent now not a sound

Now the forest erupted cheer

Paradise this world next

Could be when in love

 Sweet nothings whisper hear

Yours warm mine warm hearted

How many songs do birds sing?

Oh sweet lady what’s your sound 

Natures sounds softly now

Slowly with morning dawn

All waiting for early warmth

Wings flapping slowly peak


Blood flowing nearly their

Lady butterfly laid wait

Mate near do he call?

Wings attract beauty to see

Together synchronize


Listen hear what’s the rush

Petals open invite nectar sip

Sweet thy taste feel need

Salty waters fish do love

Drawing in out their gill

Brilliantly how you draw


Those gorgeous eyes surreal

Flapping so inviting alluring

Unsung love song sings unheard

Waiting wanting needing heat

Blood flows forth unfold see


Unison seems their play

Slowly rising tree trunk rest

Further, sun blinds our view

Gone, through tree tops

Into the meadows gliding flutter

Peaks enlarge seems with heat

High to their point of no return


Flying gliding swopping rest

Carefully gently enchanting

Together wings beating each

Two pairs of eyes dragon nice

Not a beast sweet thy taste

Paradise in our eyes


Do you feel the need to succeed? 

To fill your destiny, thy fate


Diurnal on your Paradise ye

Is their nothing else you like?

Nevertheless, lay naked upon the ground

Finery pleasure, pleases thy eyes

Silky touch softness purity










A sapphire rubie transparent

Precious native crystalline alumina

Edible fruit plum, naserbery

Sapodilla evergreen

Thy sweetness; distinctive taste   

Wondrous sardanapalian luxury

Beautiful sun set sardonyx alternating

Imaginary land of idleness

Luxury – Cockaigne

Come, come comfort and pleasure

Short our life




















True Paradise

Beautiful August Day

Warm even hot in direct sunlight

Just carrying out my duties

An ordinary workday

No thought of love, no one


Walk outside steps to climb

Somehow unknowing, fate, chance

Their one step high an angel

My eyes to her eyes

Face to face

Body to body

So close, so near

A smile a smile that gave me

Joy, excitement, butterflies, flush

Heart beat increase who knows


Her purity being their

Over whelmed by her radiance

For a few seconds in heaven

A face so out of this world

No true word can explain

She who has taken ones heart


Lost in her smile

Lost in her eyes

Lost in this cloud paradise


Those eyes so captivating

One word needed ” Heaven “


What is this warmth? I feel from thee

Not body heat

It is more than that, cool refreshing

Yet’ warm glowing

Invisible attracting pulling calling

All around theirs only she my eyes see

It seems a haze, cloud, light grey fog

Surrounds this beautiful woman

She’s taken or given could it be love

Not a physical feeling of sex, not that

Its more much more

Eyes see true love as one


Is this how paradise is

Lost for words no speech

Only sunshine warmth of heat

Sun’s rays only of light

Yes, yes it seemed two as one


All that is, that was, lost

Signals, rightly, wrongly taken

Not a crush, so unexpected

Then one word to break the spell

Those lips we see open, say

“Hello “

Lost in a world not of this

Mind confused speak fool

One makes love, takes love that’s

Of the body physical

Their seems another, could be wrong

Right day, time, weather, sunshine

Temperature, frame of mind


However, most of all that face, person in front of you

It’s not the place could be anywhere for a few

seconds cloud nine.

Was this an angel in front of me?

Forever smitten like first love

Time does heal replace what is taken

A calling within to be with thee


Was it fate, a Goddess in front of me?

Only my heart knows.









Is fate of humankind in man?


100.000 Plus, our road so long

On and on where too I ask

We act as though we are alone

Few see what their eyes see


Where is paradise in your life?


Material, designer is the norm

Just throw away cheap China

A flashy home, car, dog, child

Where to I ask of thee lost


Are we free to do as we please?

 Trapped in this religious fright

Time our dates given by man

Natural world daybreak nightfall

Freedom of speech long gone past


One world one sea one air we breathe


Are we not connected?


There is a sell by date

Best before date

A use by date


My date not printed on me

Well yes” my best date gone with age

I am not rotten, stale, decayed gone off

Never even been edible

I am sure one day a man will say

Your time is up – stamp – gone


Most live in boxes

Roundhouse is best

No corners to hide and seek


We had three seasons

I am sure we still do

However not good enough for man

Now man – humankind knows best

How about four change the world

Alas, alas this Earth knows best


My measurement, weight now changed

How cool for decades rule of thumb

Foot, Feet, Inch, Yard, Mile Pint

Theirs Football

     “    Feet on my ankle to kick some butt

     “    Take an inch taking the piss

     “    My backyard to rest and play

     “    You can run a London Mile

     “    Even go up to a Mile high


I’ll drink my pint not F’ing litre – liter

The Franks and Krauts have taken my rights


Natural food what is it now?

Organic food say is beat, why

Because it’s natural in content

Beef burger made with horsemeat.


No supermarkets, superstores

Most was fresh no fridge, freezer

No washing machine, spin dryer

No T.V. PS4, XBOX so much more

No telephone red box in the street

Go play outside was the norm

To the park safe to play

Not mixed like it is today

Girls only school you see

Boys to for me


But Hi’ the air is free


While we still have the trees

Let us make this short

For life is short

Therefore, man has a privileged education

Best Schools collages universities

Man knows all, knows what is best for the rest

Democracy a joke, it is for the boys


How can a minority Rule,

Can’t do that, must do this, twats

Equal rights for whom

A fly is free to choose its crap

Not long now, before the trap is sprung

Who rules the roost Germany once more

U.N. shit, only for the rich

G8 whatever for

Make the world a better place

It is not for the world

She cry’s with acid rain

Tis for big business, profit

Take until no more for the poor

We pollute the sea take with ease


This land we call England

Slowly devoured no more me