EU pollutes 400 million minds

targets for all each one be fixed

For those who love EU so much

Pack your case U F off good bye

Leave us English alone in peace

Doing pretty well until your Tax


Over payed bureaucrats, should

be crap-see b-euro-crap snap

Yes take all your treaties flush

them in the frogs latrine

Open for all to see, have you been


Nicht, nicht I hear you call

Kraut, kraut or what ever your called

Just stick ones head in the bacon rhine

maybe a Rhinoceros would put you

out of your misery for just a dime


So the east is poor, they’ll get more

West, the west thats us England

Well thats where i live

We’ll be good fellows pay more tax

Just so their cars don’t go for scrap


Well being so jolly and all with lolly

Lets support, prop freely give to all

what ever the cost no matter what

Wheres the Titanic


One man had a dream, was for all,

Have equal rights for all, live in

harmony it can be done so true

in that land one country one voice

But no for the Native in reservations.


So whats in the EU dreams, over 50

years still in fighting jolly good

friends on the outside. But it’s still

trying to find its way, which way

Euro for all look at the poor, shame


Lame ducks they be, b-euro-craps

Good jobs they have well payed to

Over payed, it’s for the boys wait

Oh thats sexist what about the girls

Yes, Mertel, well say no more gal

Twice before knocking at our door

Tried to conquer still trying to rule

not just the euro but the whole

bloody world.Britannia no more

across our waves.


Take the French, don’t like the

the English or there words verse

Likewise buddy, snail horse meat

We lost our rights, pounds, gallons

to the Euro craps, French shit

French no like I wonder why

Must be, we whipped them some

time ago, oh’ i remember heir

whats is name twice before opened

your door, you could not get him out.

Wow now so good buddies and all

Bloody fools all of them. We have

Euro wrap, Euro bags Euro shit whats

coming next.

What a load of Euro Crap.

In a war some people are called

collaborators they get their pay, well

feed, flashy cars, private planes, housed

No wonder they don’t wont it to go under.

I may seem to attack  the people, No

I’m not it’s the system it’s unfair, unjust.








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