Farewell Scotland

Good Bye Scotland

Will you keep the queens English

So it’s time to say good bye old chap

It’s been hand in hand for so long

mainly your hand in my pocket

Before we joined our peoples

You immigrated from where

The Scots a load of clans

Where did they come from immerge

Was it wales, Britannia, island which

Just to kick out the Picts

Good look with the Euro

You’ll get more funding

Shit, that more tax for us

President, whats is name

His portrait on your coins nice

Who will be stamping them out i wonder

Drive on the right thats right

A Euro flag  you should be pleased

It’s nice to see so many famous people

supporting your independence

By the way where do these people live

And where do they earn their hard

earned dollar that supports the economy

What southern warn place is there abode

You’ll be leaving then, allow our Eastern

friends in. Train ride short. Wow.

Well thats the Scot’s gone

Who’s next.



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