Aromatic Girl

Treading golden sands

Sea calm, gulls high above

Peace, stillness fills the air

Warm hazy glow body heat

Quietness broken sounds

Galloping on the sea shore

Surely not to day my day

Turn looking hand to eyes

Blinding reflection haze

Then emerging yonder sea

Solitary rider full speed

She, yes she a soldier

Clearly sweetly observe

Upon her steed swiftly

gracefully rides so near

A spear grasped tightly

Target it seems for she

Long red honeysuckle hair

Flying swiftly in the air

Target meet, bulls eye she

Rides up to me, eyes down

I see her weapons astound

Dismount with such ease

Aromatic lips, finger tips

Gracefully devouring fate

Elongated, tapering form

Sounds so sweet angel be

Word for word must hear

Clearly sweetly observe

Wondrous is her sheen

My goddess she is so

Radiant of splendour

Her gold brightness beauty

Aromatic fills the air

Oh to slowly would satisfy

First, damn it, take a pill

In all her splendour

Bronze, gold abounds

Glittering, sparkling gems

Makes one tremble at the knees

Remount, she all valley yonder

Nothing missing all to show

Eyes widen lips dripping

Go go glow, glow

Slender waist, pear butt

Aromatic girl, rides away




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