This beautiful lady thy see
Is she really looking my way
My eyes are fixed upon her smile
Slowly my gaze upwards i
For i see the universe reflecting
Rays of sunshine, rainbow eyes

Whats racing here deep within
Emotion, excitement rush of heat
Panic, lost a moment, deep her eyes
Smile release her universe world
Why do we feel this way, calling
This lady, so far so near so close

My eyes tell me she is beautiful
More than any one in my world
Heart racing, temperature races
Don’t be shy, lost for words
Over powered by instant love
Love so strong foolish sometimes
We can love without being loved

Adam and Eve where not the first
Tree of life tree of love
Tree of broken hearts pure
Apple tree, bee pollinates
Coluorful a flower full bloom
Attracts not a lover not a sole mate
Yes it’s just nature to be loved.


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