I see in my sleep, i see a tree high on the rocky plateau

it’s all alone that my eyes see. But then i think, it’s not

alone, it has the wind, rain all that live upon that tree.

It’s roots they be in mother earth another world not we.


This tree is not alone, the birds they come feed off it’s

fruit of life. It’s leaves feed the earth, it takes in the bad

gives out good. We do not see as we look. Each year it

tells it’s own story, we do not hear it’s all within.

It sees more than humans do. It’s trunk and branches

are it’s eye’s. But what of we our human cry. do we see.


 We must be content with what we have. I read of one

who said the human body is split in two. The top is good

the bottom is bad. I don’t agree with what he wrote.

Evil is for human minds, our mother earth is only for good.

My tree wants for nothing like humans do. It has all it needs.

It has mist and morning dew, it has the rain, sun, wind, clean

air to, at night it has the moon. It sleeps in winter awakes

in spring full of life.


And what of we our children flown, gone from the nest, we

start a new life a change that is. Within never changes spirit

and soul that resides with us. We age on the out side, where

the same on the in side always beauty those that see.

And what of love, feelings be, we ache inside longing so.

Then we meet the one we seek. We talk, we like, we date, if

it feels right, we live together. It’s only then we really know

each other so.


Love is good as nature shows. There’s no bad or evil.

It’s only in humans – i wonder why.



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