Lady behind the Mask

Young at heart enjoying life
Is she a glamour girl, genteel
I see you smoke what a joke
Don’t knock, young so unfair
Forty and more you had your draw
Nice to see you enjoying one self
So you should, young, free, life
Your not a joker to anyone
You know the rules so not fair
 Lady hiding, playing, teasing
joking just for fun.
Petite, proper you my seem
Lucky partner part of your team
Don’t lecture, she could be a mom
Mystery  surrounds beyond see
I wonder if the young damsel behind
that screen has brown hair, Oh’ to
engulf it’s aromatic flavour, sweet taste
Eye’s brown to dazzle enchant to0
Takes so many and throw away
A beautiful smile to ignite inflame
Cheeks so, so sweet soft to touch
like holding so gently a peach to eat
Teeth i’m sure white as snow, but
not like those on show
Slim slender hands, Woops don’t
drop that glass delicate as thee
Yes your shoes if we could see,
missing one that night, homeward
bound upon your carriage before
the hour of midnight strikes go
Lips, those lips for saying hello
touch with finger tip would garnish
Lip to lip chocolate melts, unwrap
Taste not like salt, only you know
Sensual feeling to ones toes
Velvet touch softly go’s
How many hearts broken in two
Not knowing enjoying a kiss from you.    


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