Aromatic Girl ( 2 )

I pace the golden sands of time

not knowing whence she came

How could i not invite my abode

Have i lost this beauty, never had

Aromatic girl still lingering near

Nostrils fill, breath senses so dear

Blind thy mind, confuse utterly fool


Follow thee tracks, see below feet

Grueling task, sun heat pounding

Will i ever find this lady that so

un-leaches my fire, my desire all

How long this journey, how long

this land this golden place home


Now a quest my heart must find

To the bowels of the earth, hades

Aromatic beauty i be holding to thee

Awakening my heart locked within

Sensation roused sight, hearing

smell taste, touch behold of you

Warrior lady my appetite, i need

your love i need to be for filled


Head raised, feel gentle breeze

guiding your Aromatic taste lips

Gladly would i go to hades, to find

my lady, yes so gladly sweet queen

Onward marching looking sense’s

playing, eyes open seeing all

Yonder dune good place to sleep


Now i rest my eyes, mind wont

close always shes there, riding me

Voluptuous form upon her fine

horse, so near, so close trapped

unable to release from within

Sun sets over sea line calm rolling

gently , heart jumps eyes widen

could that be my Aromatic girl


Yonder fire see, now i rest must

refresh strength needed sleep

Over, over minds eye, horse rider

passing by, i call to her no, no

don’t pass me by, i beg of thee

Head fills, senses overwhelmed

with Aromatic tastes so sweet

Some how she heard my call

my need want, her golden form

Seems to be floating gliding to



Diamond eyes so fixed to mine

Not a word my lips, no sound she

To my knees on a bed, warm sand

Arms raised, speaking softly silent

Aromatic lady spear in hand aim

Looks at me, over my head flight


To a marker beyond oh my fright

Closer her Aroma fills, can’t take

Lost all sense, overpowering she

Standing tall above my pitiful form

Wearing bronze helmet, plumes hair

Breastplate shines sun’s reflection


Skirt of leather, iron strips strapped

Under cloths tucked behind leather

belt, a dagger her left, sword right

Upon her gleaming steed i see

a circular shield bossed center be

She draws her sword will i lose

my head or will she piece by piece


But nay into the sand thy side me

Trembling shaking begging life

I fall backwards groping the sand

Unsnaps her belt falls to the ground

Skirt protecting her womanhood

Her hands straps breastplate slides


Reveling her beautiful pair see

Slowly floating seemingly she

Standing above my torso same

Eyes fixed upon her valley so

wide open ready, mouth dip

It seems a dark cloud hovers our

mountain, more it rises surely pools.


Backward i fell mounts her new steed

Lost in a world of bliss, enjoyment

perfect joy,being in heaven all this

Darkness unfolds eyes closed yours

In heaven i be as she is taking me

Clouds open gentle sea flows sweetly


Heat of the day, heat of the evening

Vulcan god of fire he be called, calls

Volcano erupts breaks through, vibrates

Hands holding, her continuous curve

Those lumtuous Jewelled, so firm

My Aromatic lady above just falls


Overpowered by female form, scented

fragrant, perfumed Aromatic warrior.

Alas sea wakes this sleeping wreck

Aromatic my lips taste she my queen

Eyes open disappointment alone

Upon my quest this day unfolds

My Aromatic girl surely be my fold



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