Sun’s rays awakening beauty

See how flower heads unfold

Showing all their glory colorful

Corolla unfold giving energy

Calling insects bee’s nector

Come take feed my seed

Cooler climates’ young too

Showing so beautiful form

You’ yes you who read

What of you each morn

Showing your beautiful form

Eyes see wondrous sights

Reflecting thy image all

Why call to me this night

Rays of light so you so cool

Reading mind thought pleases

Enjoyment smile delights right

Seeing you their touch, smile

Colorful to me you be, no need

Artificial color, paste, Kohl

Arms, legs, thy petals be

Eyes sparkle, shine and glitter

Galaxy of luminous light, untouched

Thy garment beauty visible see

Could you be my fleece my sun

So inviting calling silently

Aroma over whelming senses

Release sweet flower unfolds

Ye take ones breath unseen

Give such pleasure enjoyment love

Eyes talk no sound no need

We read so much our minds eye





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