She Calls

Can you feel it whispering in your ears

All around, never ending calling softly

Tempting sweet nothings over the years

Gliding swiftly nearing hill crest, rolling

swooping into our valley, see tall grass

swaying calling inviting come and play

Meadows for grazing cattle and the rest

Even a gorge, near by, a stream sounds

whispering lingering in thy ears and mind

See their, passing, waiting, in tall grass

Even the trees, how they wave inviting

lovely view. Into the wood, forest ground

Her call is broken, stillness abounds.

Deep in the bowels she can not reach

Oh’ so peaceful mind, can think clearly

Only tree top high, can one see her calling

inviting asking thee.

She calls her best on a high, near waters

edge she fly’s, glides, rolls it seems

She cleans the air spiders webs. Some

times gently warm, soft, then again if

she be vex upon a ship one could get wet.

Keep away from hill top paths over hanging

cliffs, for she could take you to Hades right

She can call too loudly, endlessly her voice

first sounds of music to our ears

She can be warm, cool, wet , dry even biting

freezing but a few.

Don’t go gliding, climbing when she’s loud

hot air ballooning she will bring you down

She can fly your flag, sail a boat, blow you

over, even cats and dogs can fly, dry your

cloths, how good is she.

Ruffle your hair even blow dry.

But not for me.



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