Tea Time

Torment of thee how can it be
Such slender smooth regal to me
Smitten with your looks heaven be
Her eyes sending unseen passion
Voice silent sound of unfeeling
Sweetly echos softly in thy ears
Take thy hand to shake my friend
Oh so a peeling, eye opener petite
Sits so Royal caring clearly speech
Not knowing why hearts desire
First impressions surely be true
No cheeks, lips, or bosom kiss
Not thinking clearly mind blank
Splutter thy words speech rank
Always the damn wrong word surly
Don’t look at her beautiful shape
Showing emotions fool control
Yes a slender form portions right
So now shes a piece of cake eat
What would be your side beast
I wonder mine, heart pounding
Shes certainly not plain seems
Cherry she so no candles top
Take hold of the knife gently
Softly take ones time eyes wide
Mouth watering sponge-like taste
So it should mate, here take a plate.


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