I say what I see if it pleases me
Mine eyes see a beauty unfold
Wondrous flower warm so you
Eyes behind, hide mind’s eye
Mystery woman, petal unfolds
Could thy be a Forget – Me – Not
Nay, Sweet is thy “fragrance”
She be from the East golden time
Not mine to hold say sweet words
A little poetry, may be some rime
Not always easy just give me time
Words flow, gentle breeze thy hair
So petite one seems, yes’ sweet eat
This woman loves to write so right
Built in not mortar or brick fixed
A somber flowing hand and mind
Living in her universe sublime
Lovely lady who hides her shads
Ye be a Lass in old England times

You write such ease, easy peasy
Possibly sun drenched beach
Palm trees to place a hammock
Glass of coke, tot of rum ice tea
Ray of happiness smile white
Teasing beauty lips we think kiss
Yes you make one smile, sweet
Hair chestnut, chocolate love you
Cheeks like peach soft gently squeeze
See so clearly words one writes
Mine eyes see what’s in thy eyes
Lovely lady, your self- reflection
Surely be reflected, eyes to eyes
Must end this Little praise of thee
Me thinks mine eyes may deceive
Are you not from a land fertile
Nay not a Lady behind sun glasses
Now I see a Bird of Paradise her
bloom poised for flight.


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