Paradise 2

As tall, as Mountain peaks you be
You look down on me path not clear
Even tallest tree we see
Notes of a song high pitch sing
Dominate with fine distinct meaningful

So exciting to read a challenge you see

Long and slender beautiful verse
Your butterfly has arrived see
One of a kind hard to find
Elusive lady of her paradise
Suns rays catch your sheen
Beauty abounds, rainbow see
Yes ‘ you drowned my words ever more.

Reply engulfed devoured lost

So pretty a poem pen do write
Not being their my sweet with you
Images mine mind flying high
Together side by side flutter
A humid environment so right we.

Tallest grasses will not hide thee
I see you their flying by
in all your glory wondrous form
Down to the stream pebble glint
Suns reflections sparkling seems
their up, away again
gracious beautiful wings beat.

Do our hearts beat as one?

Where to mystery woman from the east
what is your quest if not be I
Over yonder meadow she
sitting on chosen flora sweet.
See how she takes
alas not off me
beautiful delicate fragile thee
A gentle breeze is all you need
over the ocean safely to me.

Take of nectar strength to carry on
fulfilling what is quiet beautiful natural
Bond with another hidden from view
all can see open world nature calls.
Wings spread beauty unfolds
you lay open rays of joy
Sun beating hearts racing ever more
trapped in your valley
see volcano smoke from within
mother earth moves unseen explodes.
Paradise golden sands clear blue water
inviting a view, you send to me
don’t remove those shades becoming of you
Mystery lady who’s smile so sweet
A pleasing sight each time we meet
oh wondrous beauty behind thy shield
Mystery hidden now unfolds
thy full petals now shown.

Magi ye, do you not see reflection be

Until next season warmth returns
hidden not seen those shades my queen
your seasons warmth near its end
mine mid-way share with me
We have the sea not blue sky
would you believe as your eyes.
Wonderful forests wild life abounds
country estates, countryside this time
of year full bloom like you
Green and inviting picnic time.
Pagan well dressing Christian now
the land is alive as you are to me
awake thy eyes see beautiful a view.
Ever growing taller to be supreme

Your reply I see in front of me
paradise full of wonderful life
love to share
our butterfly she be carried, upon
soft warm gentle breeze to me.

So wondrous a winter morn, amazing
frost white adorns snow queen
if thee were lucky on time to see
so spectacular eye-catching view
a family so bright that’s right light
stand wait, see her cascade from heaven
a special treat have seen shooting forth
whence they came just earth lights bright.
This universe so unknown.
In addition, you my butterfly see the blossom
for its beauty, blossom flower
are not thee a passionflower
to climb, thrive in your tropical paradise under
your celestial lights
as for I, my lights be teardrops for thee
bright reddish-yellow.

Your satyrid a butterfly maybe brown
heaths, ringlets related species
brown wings small eyespots
We live in woodland breed on grasses.

And so sweet lady I’ll look for you
as I fly slowly in and out of thy rainforest.


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