Paradise 3

I see you through glitter, haze and maze


Early morn nature calls life unfolds

Hear their calling feathered songs

Awaking steering slumber some

Before sun’s rays from canopy high

Slowly awakening rise snug tight

So inviting warm caresses attract

Like words pen invites

Lovely a form female bites

So appealing unwrap sweet.


Taste of all that nature holds

Tongue senses, mouth waters erect Hark, near so far hear

Morning dangers just beware

Silent now not a sound

Now the forest erupted cheer

Paradise this world next

Could be when in love

 Sweet nothings whisper hear

Yours warm mine warm hearted

How many songs do birds sing?

Oh sweet lady what’s your sound 

Natures sounds softly now

Slowly with morning dawn

All waiting for early warmth

Wings flapping slowly peak


Blood flowing nearly their

Lady butterfly laid wait

Mate near do he call?

Wings attract beauty to see

Together synchronize


Listen hear what’s the rush

Petals open invite nectar sip

Sweet thy taste feel need

Salty waters fish do love

Drawing in out their gill

Brilliantly how you draw


Those gorgeous eyes surreal

Flapping so inviting alluring

Unsung love song sings unheard

Waiting wanting needing heat

Blood flows forth unfold see


Unison seems their play

Slowly rising tree trunk rest

Further, sun blinds our view

Gone, through tree tops

Into the meadows gliding flutter

Peaks enlarge seems with heat

High to their point of no return


Flying gliding swopping rest

Carefully gently enchanting

Together wings beating each

Two pairs of eyes dragon nice

Not a beast sweet thy taste

Paradise in our eyes


Do you feel the need to succeed? 

To fill your destiny, thy fate


Diurnal on your Paradise ye

Is their nothing else you like?

Nevertheless, lay naked upon the ground

Finery pleasure, pleases thy eyes

Silky touch softness purity










A sapphire rubie transparent

Precious native crystalline alumina

Edible fruit plum, naserbery

Sapodilla evergreen

Thy sweetness; distinctive taste   

Wondrous sardanapalian luxury

Beautiful sun set sardonyx alternating

Imaginary land of idleness

Luxury – Cockaigne

Come, come comfort and pleasure

Short our life




















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