Is fate of humankind in man?


100.000 Plus, our road so long

On and on where too I ask

We act as though we are alone

Few see what their eyes see


Where is paradise in your life?


Material, designer is the norm

Just throw away cheap China

A flashy home, car, dog, child

Where to I ask of thee lost


Are we free to do as we please?

 Trapped in this religious fright

Time our dates given by man

Natural world daybreak nightfall

Freedom of speech long gone past


One world one sea one air we breathe


Are we not connected?


There is a sell by date

Best before date

A use by date


My date not printed on me

Well yes” my best date gone with age

I am not rotten, stale, decayed gone off

Never even been edible

I am sure one day a man will say

Your time is up – stamp – gone


Most live in boxes

Roundhouse is best

No corners to hide and seek


We had three seasons

I am sure we still do

However not good enough for man

Now man – humankind knows best

How about four change the world

Alas, alas this Earth knows best


My measurement, weight now changed

How cool for decades rule of thumb

Foot, Feet, Inch, Yard, Mile Pint

Theirs Football

     “    Feet on my ankle to kick some butt

     “    Take an inch taking the piss

     “    My backyard to rest and play

     “    You can run a London Mile

     “    Even go up to a Mile high


I’ll drink my pint not F’ing litre – liter

The Franks and Krauts have taken my rights


Natural food what is it now?

Organic food say is beat, why

Because it’s natural in content

Beef burger made with horsemeat.


No supermarkets, superstores

Most was fresh no fridge, freezer

No washing machine, spin dryer

No T.V. PS4, XBOX so much more

No telephone red box in the street

Go play outside was the norm

To the park safe to play

Not mixed like it is today

Girls only school you see

Boys to for me


But Hi’ the air is free


While we still have the trees

Let us make this short

For life is short

Therefore, man has a privileged education

Best Schools collages universities

Man knows all, knows what is best for the rest

Democracy a joke, it is for the boys


How can a minority Rule,

Can’t do that, must do this, twats

Equal rights for whom

A fly is free to choose its crap

Not long now, before the trap is sprung

Who rules the roost Germany once more

U.N. shit, only for the rich

G8 whatever for

Make the world a better place

It is not for the world

She cry’s with acid rain

Tis for big business, profit

Take until no more for the poor

We pollute the sea take with ease


This land we call England

Slowly devoured no more me

















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