True Paradise

Beautiful August Day

Warm even hot in direct sunlight

Just carrying out my duties

An ordinary workday

No thought of love, no one


Walk outside steps to climb

Somehow unknowing, fate, chance

Their one step high an angel

My eyes to her eyes

Face to face

Body to body

So close, so near

A smile a smile that gave me

Joy, excitement, butterflies, flush

Heart beat increase who knows


Her purity being their

Over whelmed by her radiance

For a few seconds in heaven

A face so out of this world

No true word can explain

She who has taken ones heart


Lost in her smile

Lost in her eyes

Lost in this cloud paradise


Those eyes so captivating

One word needed ” Heaven “


What is this warmth? I feel from thee

Not body heat

It is more than that, cool refreshing

Yet’ warm glowing

Invisible attracting pulling calling

All around theirs only she my eyes see

It seems a haze, cloud, light grey fog

Surrounds this beautiful woman

She’s taken or given could it be love

Not a physical feeling of sex, not that

Its more much more

Eyes see true love as one


Is this how paradise is

Lost for words no speech

Only sunshine warmth of heat

Sun’s rays only of light

Yes, yes it seemed two as one


All that is, that was, lost

Signals, rightly, wrongly taken

Not a crush, so unexpected

Then one word to break the spell

Those lips we see open, say

“Hello “

Lost in a world not of this

Mind confused speak fool

One makes love, takes love that’s

Of the body physical

Their seems another, could be wrong

Right day, time, weather, sunshine

Temperature, frame of mind


However, most of all that face, person in front of you

It’s not the place could be anywhere for a few

seconds cloud nine.

Was this an angel in front of me?

Forever smitten like first love

Time does heal replace what is taken

A calling within to be with thee


Was it fate, a Goddess in front of me?

Only my heart knows.









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