Can we write as one?

Could our words be as one?

Would our pens be like one?

Writing written untold love

World’s apart pen not far

Just one line you can start


I am sure it would be such good fun

A laugh a tickle a poke at each

Maybe not, it is not a joke

Just let our minds wonder float

Now I am stuck, a word after joke

An egg has a yoke, what on a horse.


Oh, yes, theirs the old oak tree

Not the same but hay diddle wiggle

Tall magnificent, useful in many ways

Kitchens, living rooms wash rooms too

The little acorn, egg in a cup duck

Used for feed a natural food, squirrel pleased 


Stand by the oak hold a branch leafs cupped

Close thy eyes, mind blank hear see within

Why not give the trunk a hug close ye eyes

mind clear wait, see.

Back to the roots of mankind

Calm peaceful inviting natural bond

One with a pen one with nature


Did you travel back in time?

Feet firmly on the ground

Eye’s open back our time

World’s apart earth we are

No fairies, goblins spirits elves


Just you, your world, mind’s eye


Go home, have a cupper a glass or two

Ponder over what is, what’s real

Write or paint o.k. sing a song

if not out loud, sing in your head.


Nevertheless, best of all take your partner

As nature gave look in their eyes outside

Green all round sun warmth what one see’s

 in their eyes, smile

No need for words arms embrace

Body heat nature calls passion flows

Rolling in our earthly folds

Is that not sweet satisfying bees

Nectar flows like milk and honey


And so as one our pen has drawn

Written a new line full score more

A hit or miss only one knows

It’s in the words unspoken she


Strangers we, how can that be

Each day your face in front of me

So wondrous a smile cheeks so sweet

Yes’ I am sure we could eat

Pearls so white a dish before our eyes

Wait, look see, Alice in fairyland

As for lets write

I’m far to humble with my pen

No, not near as brill as thee.


Oh beautiful lady from blah-blah land

I wish to ask a boon of thee

You live in a land that dreams we make

Not a writer of words like one self

Never written a story or verse before

However a story in making first time

Would you mind if I send some lines


I can only say each morn you wake

Good heart mind words start

Sun’s rays brings out the charm

Your fetchers so sumptuous real

All one needs feel squeeze eat

Therefore, another beautiful day breaks

Is that not how to greet thy day-mate












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