A woman I loved

A woman I loved left her be
My God what a fool do such thing
Did I not see how she loved me
Now I say come back my love
I lost you once never more
Only if you wish friends again
Yes never here this place pain
But in my soul never truly gone
Too late now, it be too much
water under the bridge
Yes it be me who left this
woman, sincerely loved

Therefore, life must go on we
wonder often how you be
Not a word, a call. Died
Nothing compares to you
your smile, poetry, love.
My place I know upon this land
theirs many types of love we speak
we may use it freely in words to you
I feel a bond, it may be spiritual
I hope it. For it is free to do as it
pleases, it can travel places we know
not of.
You speak so wisely and of understanding
so, like a goddess who listens openly
my talk of love to you my sweet, is to show
you that there is always someone who cares.

If not in body, only in words
I know you need someone to hug, embrace
hold hands; be in your life, even to love.
A thousand voices cannot do that for you

What you have is special to you, yours
You are loved by others in your life
One day soon it will be fulfilled, so true
Your Goddess is helping you, believe

No more, I speck of love to you
Love I say as a friend, helpless that I be
this I write may not be right
for you I say believe one day.


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