Four Puppies

Four puppy’s now five weeks old. Their names are Tyson, Fluffy who are boys. Then there is Snowflake and Kwai both girls. There is an older brother whose name is Loki. The puppies should be going outside to play, but for now, they play in the house. Sometimes if Loki has a cloth toy in his mouth and all four are holding it to, he will pull them across the floor; he’s very strong to be able to pull four puppies’ round a room.

The pups play hide and seek in the house. All four play making such a noise with their little barks and puppy sounds. They go behind the furniture. Being so small, they crawl under the chairs. Mummy is too big to fetch them from under the furniture. She calls to them but being so young and enjoying themselves, they just ignore mum. They carry on playing. Kwai may be little but she is very playful, load, noisy and dominant when she plays. Tyson the larger one of the four is just as bad as Kwai. Snowflake and Fluffy are more quite, but they can play just as well as those two. It is so funny seeing three little puppy’s holding each other’s tails as they play.
Sometimes they bite each other’s ears and that really hurts.
Playing in the garden:
So they all go out into the garden, it is a sunny day. Their going between the flowers and leafs. These are tulips, red and white ones in full bloom. Tyson and Kwai are eating at the leafs.
Snowflake, Fluffy are chasing each other on the lawn, and then, Loki comes and joins them with
a stick in his mouth. Snowflake and Fluffy chase after Loki trying to take the stick from him, but he is too fast for them, they cannot catch him. Kwai and Tyson come over to join in the chase.
Four puppies start chasing each other round a trampoline, round and round they run. It is so much fun especially on a nice sunny morning like today.
Tyson, Snowflake and Fluffy go to the red tulips they start jumping up to the flower heads
trying to pull the petals of one by one. Each time they get a petal they go to the lawn, then lay down and chew the petals. Kwai comes over to the tulips, pulls at the very long leaf but cannot pull it from the stem; she can only manage to take part of the leaf. Now there are four puppies pulling at the petals, for some reason they like the red ones best.
Soon the lawn has red petals scattered all over the grass. It looks pretty, red and green.

The shed doors open, so Tyson, Kwai, Snowflake and Fluffy go inside. There are many things in there to play with on the floor. There are plant pots, plastic things, lots of wood and places to play hide and seek. It is their best game. Kwai’s looking over into a plant pot to see what’s inside, then pulls it over, which, it rolls on the floor. Therefore, they all run away from it but as it stopped rolling, they all go back and have another look at it.
Kwai puts her head in the pot for a better look, but there is nothing inside so she leaves it. Tyson is under some shelving and barking, Snowflake starts barking back at him and trying to
playfully bite his ear. Fluffy and Kwai each have a piece of wood to chew, there not bothering with Tyson’s calls.

Mummy comes, she has a biscuit in her mouth, she is looking for somewhere to hide it . Having a good look, there is nowhere to hide her biscuit so she goes outside the shed.
Fluffy and Snowflake follow her. Mummy has gone to the flowerpots and flower trays that have
seedlings growing inside. Fluffy stands on his hind legs, looks inside the long trays with little green flower stems growing. Mummy has jumped onto one tray and is digging so she can hide her biscuit.
Fluffy try’s has to jump into the tray but it is too high for him. Then mum jumps out, goes to another flower tray, jumps inside that one. Again, she starts digging a hole in the compost to hide her biscuit. She places the biscuit in the hole then covers it over.
Fluffy, Snowflake, Kwai and Tyson follow their mum into the house; there they all lay down together for a little sleep. What a busy morning.
The baby’s have had their little sleep and go into the garden to play again.
Time to investigate their surroundings Kwai, Tyson and Fluffy make their way to the top of the garden. There are plants, the shed, bushes a hedge and little piles of earth. There are many new things to smell here.
Kwai, Tyson see a gap under the shed, they make their way over. There are pieces of wood supporting the shed, so there is lots of space to play hide and seek. Kwai and Tyson crawl under the shed. It is dark underneath but it is very dry. They both start barking, calling to Snowflake and Fluffy, come and play. Mummy comes over first. She starts telling them off. Then Snowflake and Fluffy wonder over to see what is happening. Mummy is too big to go under the shed, Kwai is still barking, yapping. Now Tyson comes to the opening, you can just see his noise and front paws. He starts to bark, mum puts her noise down to nip Tyson but he is too fast and pulls back away very quickly indeed. Oh” what a sound, when four puppy’s are barking and yapping together.
Therefore, each dry day the puppies go outside to play, make mischief; really enjoy themselves just as children do.
From eight weeks old, the puppies can go to a loving forever-new home.

Please excuse this first story. I know the grammar is not right. But please say , put me right. I’d like to know your thoughts. Thank you.


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