Can you See The Mist

Can you see the misty whirling it__s_a_sad_and_beautiful_world_by_eikoweb-d54f55k
A shimmering light of cloud
Woman and child stand
with their backs facing

Passing, gone through the night
Waters flow, streams of blood
No one calling
You have taken my life

She standing
hand in hand little one
No tears of sorrow
no more the rain

Gone to another plain
a higher plateau
No more their songs
laughter love, joy

Tepee’s smoldering
cattle in chains
“Yes” yes, your land stolen
Spirit guide are you
calling to me

Yes, yes your land stolen
Blood for tears
Tears for blood
Both standing silently
showing me

Black as a Raven
Black as a crow
Dissolving spirits
Clouds so high.

Turn facing fright life
eyes streaming black
as night
Both showing calling

Silently not a word
See, look what you
have done
“No” no not I

Do not call this night
this darkened light
To the clouds high
their behind.

Dissolving, misty
slowly, rising high
this swirling smoke.



One thought on “Can you See The Mist

  1. Thank you so much. I just could not go back to sleep. I had to write it down. After which , no problem. It was as if my sub concise needed to be written ?.

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