A fairy tale from who knows when like Peter Pan or even Snow-white. It has been handed down in a book; surely, it must be truly, so be right.

This long lost place, no one knows where. ‘Adam and Eve lived in a world of their own. Their Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters all lived in a world called paradise.

‘Yes, the birds and bee’s used the trees. Even the dog has is leg up high. A world of ease it seems, as ‘Adam and Eve, would like to make one believe.

In Birthday suits. Maybe hand in hand. Peacefully strolling along, humming their songs. Just like bees at ease with life in paradise.

Do we still have people who live like that, who live the way of that wondrous world ‘Adam and Eve, came from another world to start a new life in Africa?

In a dream or a beam of light, our story of human life unfolds. Never mind about other life forms, not of god, have no spirit or soul within them. Not so forgiving is our old, old chap. Some believe that from an apple we, our world was born. Did the birds and bees just happen to follow, ‘Oh, such sorrow?

We are lead to believe that naughty little ‘Eve teased foolish ‘Adam, take his leave up a tree. So many trees so many types of fruit to taste. In a place, we call paradise. Not playing dice.’ Oh, what an almighty sin.

A land, a world they both twirl, just having a good time, larking about as teenagers do. Then in their tea break, was it French Delicious, Grannies or Cox. They never wrote it in the book was it green or was it red. These two broke the almighty rule, how sad for them. They blame dear old Eve, naughty girl beguiled – somehow this foolish Adam, Was he envy with greed, did he want to saw his seed, a show off indeed.

So in their back yard of wide-open country and forests abound orchards of plenty where naughty dear Eve, teased foolish ninny Adam, my sweet, my love I beseech thee pick thy fruit from that tree

Looking up at the branches Adam saw he could not reach, so off he went home to fetch a ladder. He went to the shed and asked his dad can I borrow your ladder. Dad said helps yourself. Therefore, Adam took the ladder and placed it against the tree trunk. So up he went, picked just one, took a bite”Oh no, to bitter calls Adam.

So to the next tree they went, Adam go’s up with little Eve below holding it tightly. Well look here says Adam to himself, a moggy on a branch. He calls out load, come here pussy. With fright, little pussy jumped down to the ground. Mistaking his call little Eve thought Adam had called her come up the ladder. So up she went to the top of the ladder, behind our silly lad. Adam had a Cox in is hand. Can I try it was Eves call. ‘Yes, take it, Adams reply. It is fruity, oh so juicy.

So Eve took hold, sucking licking held it tight. She had not had a Cox before in her life. Poor old Adam lost his balance. Both falling, calling oh shit but together to a gentle soft ground.

Behold, somehow Adams Cox was stuck in the pussy. Oh Adam, said Eve, that is tight. Adams reply although being shy not being in this predicament before, just rolled on the ground till the juice from the Cox made the pussy spit out.

I suppose you could say the pussy got laid with a seed from a Cox. Then their dad came, saw the Cox and the pussy. What is this, my precious fruit? ‘Oh daddy, said Eve, it was Adam, that ad ‘am.

Dad told them off, never more would you taste of my fruit. However, Daddy did say to Adam you can Havvah. Therefore, Dad gave them a fig leaf, well Adam had a small one, do not know why. Eve, she was given three because of her sin.  A paradise they have to leave, but do not forget from be’get’ a world you see.

Therefore, Adam and Eve came from a garden of trees, how nigh eve was Adam to take Adams apple. Surely, apples they fell to the ground in make believe town. How convenient in only a week a new world formed for the meek. Then low and behold, the fruit forbidden happens to be our good old apple upon this land. Not very forgiving is our Almighty it seems. Our Little Eve took the blame from beginning of time. To this day Eves still out of line.


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