I have read in a book
my “Soul” is not mine
When I lay on my bed
taking my last breath

Someone called god
seems, it belongs to him

Well listen here mate
you can think again
for I am “Free” of “Will”

My “Soul” is truly mine
a “Spirit” in me
its “Super Young Cool”

No one can take
No one can give

Its in nature “Free”
for me – we are
nobody’s slave – see.

I do no ones bidding
I’m not kidding

You can say what you like
before I depart

My “Soul” will have gone
with “Spirit Free”

To a realm of light
You bet that’s so right

It also states my “Soul”
is immaterial, the
emotional part of man
Commands ones “Soul” to God

I don’t believe you Man
my “Soul” is mine, mine only
its very important to me

Tis more than words
Tis who I am how I behave
my life

They are built in, seed of beginning
over sees my engines running

I believe my “Spirit” comes
and goes as we sleep
where, I don’t know
not really bothered

It always comes back
you see, its “Free”
travels at “Will”

Sunlight, moon night
their like batteries
a positive a negative
you can’t have one
without the other

Their not good or bad
but they are always together
a spark in the heart
a glitter the eye

Some how somewhere
theirs a door no key
we are “Free”
sometime to pass
say good bye

One can believe
what one wishes
we are a Individual

I don’t ask you to believe
Don’t ask me to believe you

what’s true is blue in the sky
for my eyes to wonder the
starry night
Their I see a twinkling star.




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