You sent me a request
so I could be in your nest
a pleasure for me
I think your the best

Toiling all day
I could do with the rest
I live in the west
To you I live in the east

“Well” that was easy
now for my quest
“No surely, I don’t jest
have you got zest appeal

Toiling all day, doing my best
Then you come along
That can’t be wrong

We see something new
of a reflection few
A shadow, silhouette
no not, mas’orete

We have a connection
a spark that lights
Not burning desire, right
soft, glowing that might

A glint, just right, a word
a line reads just fine
I write as I walk my dogs
pulling along

I will try for a song
It want take long
I know not thy name
who should we blame

I’m surely not a poet
as you well know it
I write as it flows
like a brook or a stream flowing

Oh” please, don’t scream
I will buy you an ice-cream
So’ as you lick and suck
I will sit, and read my book

It may not be often
for I will have forgotten
Just like a male
Do you think like a snail.





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