Emma and Jim have been to the gym

Both needing a drink. Jim, he really wanted a wink

They call in at Starbucks. Jim’ thinks, how much is this goner Costa’

In they go, sit at a table. Just then Emma, sees Mable

Jim goes for his need comes back, nearly on his knees

What’s the matter Jim, asks Emma, all concerned

The toilets full, I really have to go.  Then, Emma’s face just glowed

A light came on in her head. Of course, an idea you big-head

Emma had a glitter in her eye. No’ not Gary, that singer guy

She turns, and on the adjacent table, an empty, coke container

Well’, Emma could not contain herself, she took the cup, said sit tight

As quick as saying Clark Gable. Emma went under the table



In front of her eyes, his legs open wide

Upon her knees straight for his jeans

Both hands on his zipper, take hold of his flipper

The cup in her mouth, then she sees a mouse

With a little hand holding it down

Out pours the coke. Like a little steam boat

Emma gives it a shake, licks the right place

Emma thinks, I’m not wasting this flipper. Head down, Oh’ yes, skipper

Massaging his all’s. Licking and sucking until it boils

Then in the coke, go’s the cream. Poor old Jim, he’s shacking can’t scream

Our Emma a little flushed, back to her chair-bushed,

She puts the container back on the table Then this man comes along quite able

Picks up the coke of the table, he drinks it all down

Goes up to the counter. Hey” miss. Can I have another Tea with Cream.images






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