A Description explains mistrust of love,
Touched the heart to read so versed.

One read their poem that followed.
However, it did not fulfill expectation and so;

I see a face, it will not speak
I see the sea, its calm as can be
I feel the wind, gently teasing thee
I see an orchestra, silence hear, did not attune

A poem, with such, well versed lines:

It has no spirit, that driving force
It has no soul, inner depth
It has no emotion, agitation

Is the mind free to please to do as it pleases?

I see an apple, it has no core
I see a heart, it does not beat
I see those words, they do not call

Alas’ now, oceans of poems

An opinion did one not ask
However’ now, surely the past

Most important, one wrote thy poem
Surely enjoyed sensuous pleasure

Expectations high – Such a low
au pied de la letter

Was one’s heart saddened by a story in
the description of a broken heart.
au revoir…………



Do you see the fairy queen young child, sitting on her throne of stones?

No one may pass into the human realm.

 I am a Djinn, I am a very intelligent spirit something like an angle.

I can appear human or in animal form. I can even possess humans.

Its’ Halloween’ there’s so many children dressed for dead this night, I’m looking after little Jimmy Crocket,

he will be on his own calling at homes saying trick-or-treat.

So tonight for a little while, I will be a boy about Jimmy’s age.

Sally, one of Timmy’s friends called out, we are going across the street.
You wait and see if anyone answers the door. I will ring once more said Timmy,
then I will follow you. All right catch you soon.

 There was no reply at this house door, so Timmy went to the sidewalk,
waited a little while to see if he heard or could see his friends but no.
Well I might as well go round the corner he thought.

I catch up with Jimmy as he walks down Can Alley, not many houses down this road.
I will just watch him for now, until he goes into Townsends Lane,
which is where the Grimalkin lives. She is bound to give him so unforgettable treads.

I catch up with him as he walks down the path. Hi’ my name is Peter, what yours.
I am Timmy, his reply. His face has make-up to look like a skeleton;
he is wearing a long black cloak with black wellington boots.
In his hands are a bag for treats, and a scythe made of plastic.
Where walking down the cobbled path, this house is very old,
theirs trees and overgrown bushes it really needs a good old clean up.
It seems a sad place to me. I ask Timmy if he minds me joining him,
He is unsure, as he looks into my eyes.

Timmy answers, why not.
I let Timmy go in front, up the steps he goes to the front door.
He knocks on the door not too hard. As we are waiting,
I notice a spider on my right lowering itself from under the porch timbers onto my shoulder.
Hello’ Jinn it says. How do you know I am a Jinn I whisper to it?
Well that is easy there are two of us here now. O.K. what do you want from me.
Nothing he replies. I am giving you a warning.
Oh’ ya, what would that be.
As the Djinn is talking to me the Grimalkin opens her door,
Wow she’s wearing black boots, white and pink leggings, and a black clock,
she has jet black hair running down her back to her waist. Her skin is a greenish pea colour.
She says, yes what do you want boy. Of course,
Timmy says trick-or-treat; he seems to be shacking a little.
The Grimalkin tells Timmy, wait their while I see what I’ve got for you,
so she goes back inside, the doors not quite closed,
there’s a bag in the hall that she picks up. Just then spider tells me,
do not let the boy step back on a crack between the steps.



Then the spider tells me why.
After she has given the boy his treats, the cracks in the steps will surround his feet.
So if he steps on a crack. He will be gone.

What do you mean gone,
I ask the spider. Beware, for when you tread back on a crack,
you will end up like little Ben Hanson.
You see, the cracks open up around him, and he was sucked into a void.
Now he is forever, nevermore.
Now the Grimalkin comes back with a bag in her hand and gives it to Timmy.
He thanks her, and then she steps back into the house.
Timmy peaks into the bag and was about to stand back,
but I was able to put my arms out and hold him there.
To his horror and dismay, theirs two eyeballs,
dried ears and a pair of lips with tongues.
By mistake, the old woman has given Timmy those.
Lips, as he’s looking inside the bag,
the lips say Oh’ my, what are you to do.
You cannot now step off this step for you will be swallowed up to who knows were?
I do not understand said Timmy,
so the lips tell him what the spider told me.

Before the spider went back to his hiding place,
he told me how to escape from the steps.
Ask that tree there, to your right, if it would lower a branch to pick up Timmy,
and set him down on the sidewalk.
So I say to Timmy, Look this may sound silly,
but ask that tree to lower a branch to pick you up and place you on the sidewalk.
Don’t be daft said Timmy. No I say, ask it.
O.K. then, said Timmy, feeling all silly like.
don’t forget its Halloween.
Oh please, please lovely tree, would you lower a branch for me.
To Timmy’s surprise, the tree twists round.
Their a face all smiling ‘asks, yes young sir, you called me.
Oh mister tree , these lips tell me that if I step of on to a crack I’ll be gone in a flash.
I don’t want that. I want to go home.
Would you please lower one of your branches and pick me up,
then set me down on the sidewalk please mister tree.
Well young sir, said the tree, what will you do for me in return?

This story is on going I’m a little unsure of the end..

and of course the grammar



Lovely Lady with long flowing brown hair

Eyes that sparkle green to blue so true Don’t tease please.

I will never merry Barry

Ignored a warning so hungry for words

Are you women are you so and so surely like to meet

To share our love of words, such fun

But that is no good to me my dear.

Hopeless i am in writing as thee

Come lovely woman into my abode. For you can teach me love untold.

Not every day love .But true body and soul, with spirit thrown in to join as true as true.

Yes oh, how one could take the lead our need.

To take you naked, around one’s waist, thrust deep, as your back hangs down,

showing full opening for this mighty steed.

Turn around, bend to your knees, take heed, for this weapon is mightier than a pen.

But you gorgeous spring,

no need for this you have your own man to do all this

So come up for air if you dare

Give me your all, I’ve plenty more Empty your barrel,

its so full Not enough spanking , who gives a fuck

Never satisfied are we dear, always lacking those balls

You will run with spunk until your overcome drunk

Those red cherries on top, now so swollen purpled

can’t take the heat or even the meat

Come back tomorrow I’ll give you a treat

Oh’ I am sorry, pussy can’t take any more

Instead of milk  I will bring out the cream

And do not bloody scream.




Native Peoples

Cherokee maiden of your Forefathers land
Cherokee maiden of your Grandmothers land

Cherokee maiden of your lost taken, land
Cherokee maiden the circus is in town
Cherokee maiden I hear your calls,

alas, it is all in the past

Are you free to roam as your ancestors’ did?

Can you travel wherever for game to live?
Are the buffalos still roaming the plains?
Are the Bison still grazing on the Great Plains?
Are there any Pronghorn roaming in the

Mojave Desert, called Antelope Valley

Are the rivers and streams still clear clean?
Are you free to talk to your spirits and gods?

Only in war we have our camps
Yes prisoner of war behind barbed wire
World war two what did one nation do
Condemned by most, abhorrent by all

A nation all great, look on the outside
It’s native peoples invisible chains
What of a new world, a distant planet
One day to come, travel so far

Round them all up make them walk
Taken from homeland see baron soil
That’s not good enough move them again
So many died Trail of Tears

Why’ oh why, must we force our will
Can’t we share, equal rights, equality too
Yes, if you’re not of this beautiful place

Rights governed by those who invade
Do not plead

So they blame the red man for all his ills

Congress and the Whitehouse reject

Gen. Winfield Scott, 7000 troops

rounded up the Cherokee at bayonet point

Only 400 Cherokees escaped
18000-herded first in a series of forts

800-mile walk forage for food

So brave they be the Cherokee tribe

Their mountains, streams, forests,

open plains, Rushmore a sacred place

So much more, taken, killed for

What is a reservation, tract of land?

Reserved for exclusive occupation

by native tribes.

Is not an open prison similar?

Come and go as one pleases.

Rest in peace those that fell

Rest in peace the unborn child

Rest in peace Warrior people

Rest in peace 500 + tribes

u-no-le a life of micherokeesery by he.



A Letter


A letter to a word, a word to a line a line to a story, a story to a heart.

Let us start:

Adam and Eve, not Abel, just could not leave because Adam was Abaddon,

So it came to pass two people from the past not knowing each. Be it chemistry or biology

In words, did a heart turn,

that little something we learn

our inner souls-yearn?

Released, triggered a beautiful pearl

Unknowingly, without speech.

A touch of kindness  hidden deep

love of words not physical so natural.

Earthly kind nature brings

A bond that joined, without a touch.

Forever like, stars that blush

No twinkle, or starry eyes. – I am bushed.

O.K. Jack, no going back.

Forever timeless, Oh’ Avril, this joy

Do you see the small cloud in the sky?

See how it joins, now one all

Unknowing this course, no not inter-

Words from brook, words form the oceans.

Only in time will they gently reach in motion.

Like chalk and cheese, could not please.

So wonderful one’s stories tease

Is not the Milky Way so far.

No’ not at all, are we not on a par

Time comes round once in a life.

Heaven and earth constantly circle.

Just a moment, let me gravitate…………

Beautiful blooms abound this time of year.

So to the little fenn’ec, and so, what about the fenix.

Yes’ I pif’fle, do love trifle, don’t miss Tiff’in

I’m sure like the sweet-gum-tree that has a wonderful vanilla – scent

Oh’ sweet Lady, Avril, that heaven sent.

From the oceans, and streams

our work be Sung- by minstrels of old, so bold

Caring young woman so kind and sweet.

she say boo to a goose?

A little shy? Oh’my. Could be, one is dainty – petite.

Her true intent, not quite present.

Do you live in a street or a crescent?

To read her works, so naughty – raunchy.

Sexual exploit, fable Mable. Are you able,

Oh’ I’ll scream. Never would see on a big screen

Can you still get brill-cream?

Brilliantly written, exuberant .

 Yes’ the ooze, so like sweat, poor’s extreme.

Very polite so well spoken,

believe a southern girl who’s woken

Is CA in the west for the best

Cherokee, Chor’taw are native people. Chow’der of course from Brittany

Do you know Cinderella, even Mary Poppins with her umbrella

I know your sister, yes, Tinkerbelle, from neverland.
I’ll buy you a coffee or even a swizzle.

Don’t be late you will miss little Miss’al

Your attire-apparel says this girl is chichi.

Like the galaxy itself, our milky way.

Brilliant company, and a shinning radiant beauty.

What more can I say? Her Aura- luminous

indistinguishable to our naked eyes,

encircling giving off charm.

Is this girl scrumptious, delightful – first rate.

Yes, I believe she‘s all of these, plus stylish, smart

and a wee-bit saucy, but nice with it.

Who is this Lady you ask!

Just look around you, it’s not a task.

No need to speak, for we can see

You are the one with starry eyes and a little smile.

This is for you and your love of words.



imagesMDL037QDTis a joy to read of your exaltation

Nay’ my lady, you always surpass – excel Even promote activity in one’s mind

Love, you write, as if clear running water flows so gently, swiftly pleasing

Mistress of love, sexual affection, passion desire, simply in love

One likes to be naked tease, so sweet. Who dos the wooing he or she?

A thousand voices may swell the sound

Stories you write, surely, rivers swollen with melted snow

Scented air provokes activity strong emotion, action, stimulus, love, rhythm


Played harmoniously – melody – mellow

Woman who can rouse, incite, tempt, allure,

her words of magic, charm, attractiveness

Loves to, hug, embrace, fondle,

lie close & snug nestle together; curl oneself up;

love birds

Passion it seems, one reads, we relish.

You’re like light and shade you show the way then we stumble


Do not rush my sweet I am like champagne, one sips

Beautiful music may be played hear the sound, Stradivarius makes

A flower in bloom sweet my scent
Hold thy stem with gentleness of touch do not pick the petals,

take the whole for that is how one as I, should be held.