A Letter


A letter to a word, a word to a line a line to a story, a story to a heart.

Let us start:

Adam and Eve, not Abel, just could not leave because Adam was Abaddon,

So it came to pass two people from the past not knowing each. Be it chemistry or biology

In words, did a heart turn,

that little something we learn

our inner souls-yearn?

Released, triggered a beautiful pearl

Unknowingly, without speech.

A touch of kindness  hidden deep

love of words not physical so natural.

Earthly kind nature brings

A bond that joined, without a touch.

Forever like, stars that blush

No twinkle, or starry eyes. – I am bushed.

O.K. Jack, no going back.

Forever timeless, Oh’ Avril, this joy

Do you see the small cloud in the sky?

See how it joins, now one all

Unknowing this course, no not inter-

Words from brook, words form the oceans.

Only in time will they gently reach in motion.

Like chalk and cheese, could not please.

So wonderful one’s stories tease

Is not the Milky Way so far.

No’ not at all, are we not on a par

Time comes round once in a life.

Heaven and earth constantly circle.

Just a moment, let me gravitate…………

Beautiful blooms abound this time of year.

So to the little fenn’ec, and so, what about the fenix.

Yes’ I pif’fle, do love trifle, don’t miss Tiff’in

I’m sure like the sweet-gum-tree that has a wonderful vanilla – scent

Oh’ sweet Lady, Avril, that heaven sent.

From the oceans, and streams

our work be Sung- by minstrels of old, so bold

Caring young woman so kind and sweet.

she say boo to a goose?

A little shy? Oh’my. Could be, one is dainty – petite.

Her true intent, not quite present.

Do you live in a street or a crescent?

To read her works, so naughty – raunchy.

Sexual exploit, fable Mable. Are you able,

Oh’ I’ll scream. Never would see on a big screen

Can you still get brill-cream?

Brilliantly written, exuberant .

 Yes’ the ooze, so like sweat, poor’s extreme.

Very polite so well spoken,

believe a southern girl who’s woken

Is CA in the west for the best

Cherokee, Chor’taw are native people. Chow’der of course from Brittany

Do you know Cinderella, even Mary Poppins with her umbrella

I know your sister, yes, Tinkerbelle, from neverland.
I’ll buy you a coffee or even a swizzle.

Don’t be late you will miss little Miss’al

Your attire-apparel says this girl is chichi.

Like the galaxy itself, our milky way.

Brilliant company, and a shinning radiant beauty.

What more can I say? Her Aura- luminous

indistinguishable to our naked eyes,

encircling giving off charm.

Is this girl scrumptious, delightful – first rate.

Yes, I believe she‘s all of these, plus stylish, smart

and a wee-bit saucy, but nice with it.

Who is this Lady you ask!

Just look around you, it’s not a task.

No need to speak, for we can see

You are the one with starry eyes and a little smile.

This is for you and your love of words.


3 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. “A letter to a word, a word to a line, a line to a story, a story to a heart”

    what a wonderful way to start: -)

    The story comes from your heart. The girl in the photo looks really pretty 🙂

    • Well, Diwata if I had asked you, would you allow me to use your photo? Yes’ you are right
      from the heart. sometimes its when it is from within that our true intent comes out – in words that is.
      I must check out some of your work I’ve missed. just no time I’m trying to write story’s. There’s one, I have a middle but no beginning and no end – mad. How is the Philippines today still wet ?. if its wet is it warm wet. Thanks for your reply. I am humble for you write with such ease it seems., enjoy your week.

      • The photo of the girl is better than mine. Yes, it’s still raining as it is the season until November but I have sunshine somewhere to brighten my day. Have a great week to you John

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