imagesMDL037QDTis a joy to read of your exaltation

Nay’ my lady, you always surpass – excel Even promote activity in one’s mind

Love, you write, as if clear running water flows so gently, swiftly pleasing

Mistress of love, sexual affection, passion desire, simply in love

One likes to be naked tease, so sweet. Who dos the wooing he or she?

A thousand voices may swell the sound

Stories you write, surely, rivers swollen with melted snow

Scented air provokes activity strong emotion, action, stimulus, love, rhythm


Played harmoniously – melody – mellow

Woman who can rouse, incite, tempt, allure,

her words of magic, charm, attractiveness

Loves to, hug, embrace, fondle,

lie close & snug nestle together; curl oneself up;

love birds

Passion it seems, one reads, we relish.

You’re like light and shade you show the way then we stumble


Do not rush my sweet I am like champagne, one sips

Beautiful music may be played hear the sound, Stradivarius makes

A flower in bloom sweet my scent
Hold thy stem with gentleness of touch do not pick the petals,

take the whole for that is how one as I, should be held.





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