Lovely Lady with long flowing brown hair

Eyes that sparkle green to blue so true Don’t tease please.

I will never merry Barry

Ignored a warning so hungry for words

Are you women are you so and so surely like to meet

To share our love of words, such fun

But that is no good to me my dear.

Hopeless i am in writing as thee

Come lovely woman into my abode. For you can teach me love untold.

Not every day love .But true body and soul, with spirit thrown in to join as true as true.

Yes oh, how one could take the lead our need.

To take you naked, around one’s waist, thrust deep, as your back hangs down,

showing full opening for this mighty steed.

Turn around, bend to your knees, take heed, for this weapon is mightier than a pen.

But you gorgeous spring,

no need for this you have your own man to do all this

So come up for air if you dare

Give me your all, I’ve plenty more Empty your barrel,

its so full Not enough spanking , who gives a fuck

Never satisfied are we dear, always lacking those balls

You will run with spunk until your overcome drunk

Those red cherries on top, now so swollen purpled

can’t take the heat or even the meat

Come back tomorrow I’ll give you a treat

Oh’ I am sorry, pussy can’t take any more

Instead of milk  I will bring out the cream

And do not bloody scream.




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