A Description explains mistrust of love,
Touched the heart to read so versed.

One read their poem that followed.
However, it did not fulfill expectation and so;

I see a face, it will not speak
I see the sea, its calm as can be
I feel the wind, gently teasing thee
I see an orchestra, silence hear, did not attune

A poem, with such, well versed lines:

It has no spirit, that driving force
It has no soul, inner depth
It has no emotion, agitation

Is the mind free to please to do as it pleases?

I see an apple, it has no core
I see a heart, it does not beat
I see those words, they do not call

Alas’ now, oceans of poems

An opinion did one not ask
However’ now, surely the past

Most important, one wrote thy poem
Surely enjoyed sensuous pleasure

Expectations high – Such a low
au pied de la letter

Was one’s heart saddened by a story in
the description of a broken heart.
au revoir…………


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